Tavia Yeung and Him Law return after secret marriage to host big banquet in Hong Kong

Actress says the wedding was kept under the radar, even for the closest family members.

TVB actress Yeung and Him Law, who recently got married in a secret ceremony at Leeds castle, have returned to Honk Kong.

As the couple touched down at the airport reporters quizzed them about the mystery secret wedding. Tavia handled the reporters saying: "We've always wanted to go on a trip with our family, since we were going to such a beautiful place, we might as well use this opportunity to create some perfect memories."

The 36-year- old told the media that the wedding was kept under the radar, even for the closest to closest family members .

"We didn't tell them anything,not even our closest family. We didn't tell them the real reason. We just told them that we're going on a big trip together, and you can come with us if you want to. In the end, some of [Him's] relatives couldn't make it," Tavia told Jaynestars. The couple reportedly exchanged their vows in front of a very small gathering of around 20 people.

The secret wedding of the stars came to light when Tavia's sister posted a Leeds Castle picture on her social media accounts, according to Apple Daily. While Tavia didn't plan the big revelation so soon, she told the press that the duo wanted to break the news after coming back to city.

"We originally planned to tell everyone about [our marriage] after we got back, but everyone found out a bit before we expected.I will be thanking each and every one of them," she said.

Meanwhile, the newly weds are planning a grand wedding banquet for their family and friends, the date of which has not been finalised yet.