Tarun Tej: The Youngest Influencer of His Generation

Tarun Tej

Tarun Tej as the name suggests tends to be known for all the "Tej" he has, when it comes to his professional front. Born in Hyderabad, India on 21st July, 1999, this boy has remained to be a true gadget lover and aficionado since quite long. It is merely due to his interest and dedicated hard work, the boy is well-recognised today as the youngest tech influencer, journalist, and reviewer amongst the others from his domain.

He has popularly been the apple of the eye of the Tech world due to his known recognitions over his reviews and various contents featured on True-Tech.Net. Presently, Tarun works as the Senior Editor at True-Tech.Net Technology Magazine. It has been over 5 years that this young talented boy has been an active part of the writing/ journalism industry.

Taking a tour to his past days, Tej has even worked as a fashion and product photographer for various magazines and not to forget the top-tier photography companies. You will be surprised to know that this brilliant tech wizard did serve his initial days at the Front Office department in Trident Hotels.

After getting a graduation degree in Hospitality Management, his struggle days were around various technology publications. These include names like- Droid Journal, DroidViews, Android Jungles, and more!

Tarun has always been a hard worker and well-directed towards his goal fulfilment and this is why he reached the zenith of success. Similar to his name, he believes in staying at the front and leading a way that adds value to the society. Proud owner of a unique personality, intelligence and crystal clear deposition, he remains to be a true motivational force for driving himself and his followers, too.

His entire work structure revolves around the idea of bringing in benefits for all. This is why he keeps adding to the technical well-being of the society and puts in his rigorous efforts towards the same. With a true mind and transparent attitude towards the world, this man has succeeded in adding values to others life and adding all kinds of success feathers in his cap.