Tanner Beard Takes Another Shot In Hollywood

Tanner Beard

When rising Producer and Founder of Mammoth Film Festival Tanner Beard is not vigorously navigating Hollywood, he kicks back and plays golf. His childhood passion prompted him to begin a charity celebrity golf tournament. Naturally, Beard filmed highlights of the event and, to his surprise, gained much attention for his athleticism on his golf Instagram. After actively posting on the account, he was approached by casting directors for ABC's competitive reality series Holey Moley. One thing led to another and now Beard has taken on another title in his respective industry, a game show finalist.

Not only does Beard get to play a game he loves, but is also competing to win on behalf of his true prized possession, Mammoth Film Festival. He will enter the finale in late August and go head to head with 12 other jacket winners for $250,000.

"If I'm lucky enough to win Holey Moley, the money will essentially continue our ever-growing volunteer community," Beard said. "There's obviously some bills that come with making a festival as big as ours so it will be nice that this money can help us reach higher plateaus at a quicker speed, and help us continue to put ourselves in a position to be eligible for the incredible support from sponsors by showcasing great and wonderful projects each year!"

The pressure is on, but overall, Beard has enjoyed his experience on the show, especially the traction his acting career has received.

"It has drawn some attention to movies I have done, as an actor, in the past that has been getting somewhat of a resurgence," Beard said.

Despite having free reign to play himself on the series, Beard developed an alternate character to ease the intensity of competing on national television with a lot at stake.

"I've never once played myself on any TV show or any movie, it has always been a character," Beard explained. "I think the most terrifying thing I could do is play myself-I doesn't think I take myself seriously enough to do so, I need a crazy hat or sword or a scar on my face, then I'm ready."

Fortunately, his on-screen time is far from over. Beard is not only prepping for the finale of a lifetime, yet additionally anticipating to step back on set for a film he was shooting prior to COVID-19.

"We're all just waiting to see when the most responsible time to try to go back to work is for this movie, and with that having no real compass at the moment, I've really been concentrating on my very first love which is golf", Beard said. "There's really no greater happiness aside from what I felt in the movie industry than playing competitive golf with my buddies. I'm too old to think about any kind of PGA TOUR ambitions, so this is a nice second just go on with a little slogan I love #GolfWithYourFriends."

Beard is shooting for the stars in literally everything he does. He is hopeful that he can further subsidize California's favorite winter film festival for the fourth year. Supporting this festival keeps the film industry flourishing and young talent emerging. On September 1st, Beard will launch a golf line where 50 percent of the proceeds go to the Mammoth Media Institute.