Tanjina Ashraf Khan, the Founder of "MentCouch", a Popular Psychology Center in Asia…

Tanjina Ashraf Khan

Tanjina Ashraf Khan is a certified mental health professional, author, entrepreneur and CEO of MentCouch International, one of the most popular psychology centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou has been featured in several prestigious platforms, including "The New Indian Express Newspaper" in 2020, highlighting the subject of mental health and well-being. She has recently been featured in the February 2021 issue of "Forbes India" where she spoke of financial freedom in relation to women and wellbeing.

Tanjina Ashraf Khan has brought life to mental health patients by launching MentCouch, MentCouch International Psychology Center has become one of the most popular psychology centers in the capital, within a span of few months. MentCouch has customers from all over the world and this number is increasing every single day. The rapid growth of the MentCouch Company is due to its commitment to clients, affordability, accessibility, determination, quality of services provided by Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou and her solid team, and most importantly, the fact that there is something for everyone at MentCouch. At MentCouch International Psychology Center, mental health services are not just for people with disorders, it is for everyone who wants to improve certain parts of their life or self!

Tanjina Ashraf Khan's company, MentCouch International Psychology Center has always stood with the vision and mission of spreading awareness and advocating mental health globally, not just in Malaysia. Management of the MentCouch International Psychology Center place high importance on employee wellbeing and have introduced a "mental health leave" policy within the company. MentCouch is unique, and the only center of its kind because it not only focuses on mental health disorders, but also on welness aspects like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, behavioral training, life-satisfaction screening, expressive arts, etc. Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou has a solid foundation and knowledge in a wide variety of theoretical approaches and specializes in resilience training, behavioral coaching and positive psychology.

According to Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou, her prime purpose in life is to build a better world with resilient individuals – a purpose she does not take lightly. "There are inbuilt tools available in all of us and we only need a little guidance in order to simply live "better, and that is all I want to advocate".