Talk of the town is the new serial entrepreneur from Uzbekistan, Rakhmat Karimov

The amazing story and journey of Rakhmat Karimov from streets of Uzbekistan to high rises of Dubai will enthrall you to the core.

Rakhmat Karimov

The world has witnessed the uprising of the millennials and Gen Z's who have left no stone unturned in innovating, creating strategies, developing new businesses and verticals which have directly or indirectly become a part of our lives. The very own dependence on the newest technologies and advances have given entrepreneurs more motivation and momentum to tickle their innovative bones and keep rewarding us with latest adventures. One millennial entrepreneur on the grids of the business world is Rakhmat Karimov who has made a huge mark for himself in the rental luxury car segment.

Rakhmat Karimov' s sheer passion, love, and interest for cars has propelled him to start his own venture in Dubai by the name of "Dubai number one". They are one of the best and biggest rental car companies for luxurious, premium, superfast, and exotic cars. Carving a special niche for themselves in the rental car segment, they cater to an elite list of clientele which includes many well-known and public figures, political personalities, celebrities, and VIP persons. With a huge variety of cars to offer from their kitty, they have best in class brands for each of their customers. You name it and they have it- Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and many more. In addition to this, Rakhmat has further spread his wings into other business verticals as well, he is into the luxury real estate market and renting of luxury yachts as well.

The success that Rakhmat enjoys today was not a walk in the park for him, he struggled hard in the early stages of his life to excel today and prove his prowess in the entrepreneurial world. From working as a handyman at Saint Petersburg construction development to working as a shawarma maker, Rakhmat sweated it out to make a mark for himself. He finally took amends to enter in the business realm and start his entrepreneurial journey into the ever-growing luxury rental/hire car segment and today he enjoys tons of recognition and popularity within Dubai and UAE markets. In no time they have been the prime choice for the majority of tourists and car enthusiasts who wish to drive exotic cars.

We hope that he continues to hustle hard in life and breaks many records of success to emerge as a top-notch entrepreneur.