Taliban Brutally Kill Child on Suspicion of His Father Being Afghan Resistance Force Member

The Taliban have reportedly executed a child in Afghanistan's Takhar province after suspecting his father of being a part of the Afghan Resistance Forces.

"Child executed in Takhar province by Taliban fighters after his father is suspected of being in the Resistance. #WarCrimes #Afghanistan," Panjshir Observer said in a tweet.

Panjshir Observer is an independent media covering Panjshir and Afghanistan situation.

The horrendous video showed the child's motionless body lying on the street while three other children sit next to the body.

The Taliban recently killed four alleged kidnappers and hung their bodies up in public in the western Afghan city of Herat in a brutal display of force. The men were strung up from cranes after being caught at a checkpoint surrounding the city.

Revenge Attacks in Panjshir

The brutal reality of Taliban rule is visible since the overrunning Kabul on Aug. 15 and again taking control of the country. The Islamist group promised there would be no revenge attacks but in Panjshir—the last province to fall to the Taliban—there have been reports of civilians getting shot as they attempt to escape.

ABC reported last week that members of the resistance force and former government are being targeted in revenge killings across the country. "Five times they attacked my family," a young man from Panjshir told the ABC.

Taliban fighters
Taliban Fighters Wikimedia Commons

"My father [was] captured by them. Then he escaped to the mountains and came with us."

Another Panjshir local resident told the ABC that the Taliban were stopping people to ask them about their associations with the resistance movement or Afghanistan's previous government. "They take our mobiles and check them. If they find a suspicious photo, they kill that person," he said.

Panjshir was the last province to fall to the Taliban. Resistance forces led by Ahmad Massoud held the province for more than two weeks after Kabul fell, but the Taliban eventually entered the valley and raised their flag over the governor's office.

Taliban Issues No-Shave Order to Barbers

The Taliban on Monday ordered hairdressers in Afghanistan's Helmand province not to shave or trim beards.

A notice issued by the provincial ministry for the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice reportedly said that those who violate the directive will be punished. The new diktat also said that the Afghans must stop following "American styles".

Reports say the Taliban have also ordered saloon owners not to play music inside the premises. The Taliban order says hairdressers should follow Sharia Law while shaving beards and cutting hair.