"Talent hits a target no one else can hit . genius hits a target no one else can see". Well demonstrated by Chanchalesh Vyas

Chanchalesh Vyas

"Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine " a quote well stated by Roy T.bennet and precisely proved by the small-town boy Chanchlesh Vyas. For a middle class person getting into politics and that too successfully is next to impossible. Vyas belongs to a typical middle class family with non-political background.

Belonging to the heart of the country-Madhya Pradesh, this young man's qualities resembled to the great leaders of the world. His hunger for success, his determination of never giving up and at last but not the least his aspiration that was unique and appealing, made him never look back again. In the beginning of his journey as a politician, it was a bit gruelling for him as he had a totally contradictory career belonging to the IT sector.

Now, if we look at how he discovered his own ways in the game of politics we will come to know that he launched himself helding through the position of GS (general Secretary) of NSU(National Students Union of India), in 2011. The NSU was formed by our respected and remarkable leader Smt. Indira Gandhi .Her noble purpose for beginning this union was to form a national student's organization to strengthen our country's youth and empower them to join politics and show their love and affection for the nation.

Vyas has marvelously outstanded himself in all of this criteria. He has a very sensible and clear-headed personality for which he was soon acknowledged by the youth Congress president, KunalChaudhary.

In the year 2013, he took Vyas under his thumb and Vyas being a rough diamond waiting to be polished, transformed and advanced his skills and tactics under Mr Chaudhary and evolved into a fully fledged young man's icon.

Further, he was designated as the coordinator in the youth Congress IT CELL which includes all the digitalization, information technology, websites, digital India initiatives and many more software and technology related works. Thus, it is aptly said that hard work always pays off and it became like icing on the cake for Vyas as he had a skilled IT background.

Always empathizing with the youth, this young man created opportunities for other young people who wandered in search of a job with their degrees but remained helpless for long.

This energetic, magnanimous person emerged with his wonderful experience of 2 years working as IT cell coordinator. On the day of 23rd August 2019, he was made the president of the Indian Youth Congress, Madhya Pradesh IT cell. He stepped one more ladder towards being a successful leader by this designation and yet more was to come.

When Madhya Pradesh was dominated and navigated by the Congress government, Chanchalesh was an obvious and essential part to be considered. So, he was appointed as public participation chairman of Atal Bihari Bajpayee Government college of Pipilia Mandi starting from 23rd October and ending on 6th May 2021.

Every common man knows that every successful politician has an inspiring role model as ideal and for Vyas, it was Mr Rajiv Gandhi and his works really proved that.He hit the jackpot when he was again, appointed as the president of IT cell for the second time, under the leadership of the state Congress president Vikrant ji Bhuria. With having a gradual and deep connection with Vyas's constructive and excellent journey,it was revealed that he was also involved in chaining or linking the youth to the IT cell in which he surpassed excellence.

Vyas might have been born with mundane human qualities and his own flaws but as he stemmed up with such diverse qualifications and experiences he built in him many of the extraordinary qualities of a leader. He has an apparent vision for our nation's advancement and he proved that sky is not the limit if you want to go beyond it.