Taking over the business world as a true professional is Mark Atalla from the US

His passion and astute business acumen have brought him at the forefront of the entrepreneurial world

Mark Atalla

Today, we live in a world that seems too consumed by overnight success stories and attaining success through shortcuts in life. This attitude of achieving success faster has not given the desired results to people. However, all those people who chose the hard way with the aim to prove their mettle to the world and build something of their own from the ground up are the ones who have gone ahead in creating their unique niche in their respective fields. The finance and real estate industry has so far welcomed many such astute business personalities who have exuded every bit of becoming the greatest of all. Mark Atalla's name tops the list of such finance entrepreneurs of the US who utilized and optimized every opportunity that knocked his door and emerged as a sought-after finance expert with his firm Carlyle Capital.

His parents, who were Egyptian immigrants, came to the US in the 1970s with the intention to achieve the American Dream. Both worked extremely hard to get nearer their visions and aspirations in life and went ahead to even achieve the success they desired. Mark Atalla, since a very early age, saw the struggles and the challenges his parents faced to achieve the American Dream. Seeing his father's success, who became a respected member of the community, made him proud and he desired to be like him.

Even after being offered the family business, Mark Atalla politely declined the same and walked his own path to create success on his own. This took him towards the finance and real estate industry. At the young age of 19, Mark Atalla began his profession in lending as an intern while still studying in college. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics. With his firm Carlyle Capital, where he is the founder and managing partner, he offers fast and flexible private lending for his high end clientele.

Carlyle Capital is a nationwide private lender having an approach that provides exceptional services and aggressive financing, benefitting the real estate investors. It was founded in 2000 and since then under the leadership of Mark Atalla and Andrew Abas they have provided flexible real estate financing for a variety of residential, office, retail, multifamily, industrial, self-storage, warehouse, hospitality, mixed-use, and many other commercial properties for several investors.

Speaking about how the idea of this business came about; Mark Atalla says that he saw the demand for private capital and the lack of private capital available in the marketplace. The name of his company has an English origin 'from the walled city', making sure that the deals they fund are as solid as the walls they have put up. Carlyle Capital truly has increased its value in the marketplace for the consistency and quality of services it has provided as an asset-based private lender and asset management company, dealing in the business of deploying capital.

Mark Atalla's strong visions as a leader in the industry has brought him to the forefront of the entrepreneurial world.