Taking the horology world to newer success heights, AET REMOULD garners headlines with the new Genesis Collection's Blue Gemstone Ceramic


Isn't it astounding to hear more stories about all those companies and brands that, across sectors, have remained top names thriving on their consistency in product/service quality? Well, there are tons of such brands and businesses from across all corners of the world, but what has helped keep a handful of them distinctive from the rest is the meticulous strategies, techniques, and efforts the team behind these businesses have put into continuously creating products/services that stay relevant, and that echo the modern-day trends of their respective industry in ways more than one. The world of watch manufacturing and watch remaking has been one to have seen the surge of many companies and remaking brands over the years, among which AET REMOULD has stayed consistent in its journey in creating some of the most magnificent pieces out there to give wearers and watch lovers an incredible luxury watch experience.

AET REMOULD has been making significant strides in the horology industry, achieving remarkable growth and success, and their latest achievement is attributed to their exceptional new collection, the Genesis Collection. The Genesis Collection will see its first model as The Blue Gemstone Ceramic and the new product is slated for a launch on 26th June 2023. It will be offered on a limited-time order from 26th June to 30th June, German Time. Also, the new model will be limited to three pieces only; such will be the exclusivity of the model and the entire Genesis Collection by AET REMOULD.

AET REMOULD, in the last few years especially, has grown as one of the most trustworthy watch modification brands across the world, which sees a daily influx of loyal clientele on their website who trust the brand in all its glory and for the outstanding experiences it has given watch wearers and watch aficionados so far with each of their collection and model that stand different from the rest.

The Blue Gemstone Ceramic, the new model under their much-talked-about Genesis Collection, has a bezel studded with 36 aquamarines, where the color of the dial is adjusted to match the bezel stones, making it a truly spellbinding product. Also, the strap and the case of the model are made with high-tech ceramics, and the limited exclusivity of the model to only three pieces has moreover added to the exceptionality of the product. The Genesis Collection is about combining precious jewelry with fine watches, and the collection's debut model is the Blue Gemstone Ceramic.

AET REMOULD has been making a lot of positive buzz with this launch, which is already on its way with a fresh new sale that promises watch enthusiasts and luxury watch lovers something different and something they would love to flaunt on their wrists. Also, the Blue Gemstone Ceramic is in the news prior to its launch for the highest quality watch materials and the chic colors used in the product that is said to match the bezel stones.

This is one of the prime reasons that the company has kept the collection to a limited availability of only three pieces all over the world. Watch lovers will be made available with the same for a limited pre-order on the official website of AET REMOULD from 26th June to 30th June. With its debut model launch, the new collection has been creating great news already, and people can't wait to grab theirs soon.

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