Taking giant strides in the e-commerce sphere is the talented Hafiz Ahmed.

Hafiz Ahmed

He has catapulted many e-commerce businesses to towering heights through his expertise.

One name that shines bright amidst the e-commerce space is that of Hafiz Ahmed. At such a young age he has conquered the digital space and earned a prominent place in the industry which is ever thriving since the past few years. Hafiz was first exposed to the world of e-commerce in 2012 when he was looking out for better opportunities around the tech sector. Such was the impact of the industry on him that he dwelled deep into it to emerge as an expert who today has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them ace the space in a big way. His first stint was with Amazon as a seller of textile items. He says, "when I started, I didn't have any clue that I would be deeply involved in this space and would be able to use it to the maximum. Later I realized that this was the niche I would like to proceed in, and gave it my all."

Hafiz has launched many Amazon products till date and has provided impeccable services around this sphere for quite a long time now, which has gained him a prominent position in this area at present. His vision is to help the youth and make them self sustainable by providing them the right means of doing business around the e-commerce space, and he feels that he has succeeded to a great extent. With the onset of the global pandemic, many businesses have gone kaput and Hafiz wants to see the economy rise back by contributing a bit from his side, by providing a proper framework which helps people set up their online businesses. In 2018, he established his own company, which acts both as a service provider as well as a training platform for Amazon products.

His company has spread its wings on a global scale today as he has taken over the supervision of multiple client accounts and at the same time providing training sessions to aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs in different cities to get them acquainted with the nitty-gritty's of the business. He is optimistic about spreading his vast knowledge and helping as many as he can to excel in this area of work, which has the potential to grow to dizzying heights in the near future.