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Binh An Nguyen

Let's be honest, we all love a good rags-to-riches Cinderella story, and that is exactly the story of Binh An Nguyen. When we look at the incredible successes of the founder and CEO of Market Ease Digital, one can barely believe the humble beginnings of this international marketing guru.

As a youngster, Binh An Nguyen together with his family migrated from Vietnam to Australia. "Initially, my brothers came over as refugees and were then able to sponsor the rest of the family to come over," says Nguyen. "We are a large family with a total of 10 children, of which I am the youngest."

Nguyen speaks openly about his upbringing being raised in a traditional Asian household and the Asian/immigrant parenting stereotypes that come with it. There is often pressure in migrant households on children of migrant parents to succeed in life by following the traditional route of excellence in academic achievement, and there is little room for imagination and experimentation when it comes to career options.

Nguyen's parents didn't want him to quit his Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) degree at the Adelaide University to follow his passions and start his own business. After years of trying to please his parents, and cater to their ideals for his future, he eventually made the difficult choice to drop out of University to pursue his own business. "Unfortunately, this led to my dad and I not talking to or looking each other in the eye for several months, despite me still living in their home," Nguyen says. He was nonetheless, however, determined to succeed.

Working multiple low-paying jobs, including grinding away as a kitchen-hand, long tedious hours doing data entry, farming, and factory work, most only paying a measly $8 an hour, Nguyen toiled away with a vision of a better future for himself and his family.

After years of hard work, and literally starting from nothing, Nguyen was able to build a 7-figure business without any outside investment, and was even awarded InDailys 'Top 40 under 40' award in 2020. Nguyen continues to show determination, drive, and creativity within his company. The founder and CEO of Market Ease Digital has worked with and advised some of the largest national campaigns in Australia and abroad.

Among their long list of satisfied customers includes Honda Motor Company Australia, Subaru Australia, Maggie Beer products, the Detmold Group, SAGE Automation, Etihad Stadium, Edible Blooms, yd., Tarocash, and even the Australian Federal Government.

Nguyen has also worked internationally, famously having been involved in and working on a campaign for the Obama administration. Not only that, but Nguyen has even been called in to consult various companies, leading with his high level of expertise, and presenting at several high-profile national and international events including the CEO Institute, CPA Australia, the Motors Trades Association, The Educate Plus International Conference, The Institute of Public Accountants, Family Business Australia, and the Marketing & Communications Executives International.

Nguyen also regularly makes time to actively work in and present in his hometown, offering presentations to organisations such as South Australia Leaders, Brand SA and Showcase SA. Who better to advise your business or institution on the most suitable marketing strategy for you, than the person who has successfully been able to elevate himself from nothing to greatness?

If you are looking to take your brand's digital marketing strategy to the next level, be sure to reach out to Market Ease Digital by connecting with them on their social media pages, such as Facebook & LinkedIn. If anybody can take your company to the top, it's Binh An Nguyen and Market Ease Digital.