Take the first step to a better and fitter you- with Najee Smith

Najee Smith

Najee Smith is a certified personal trainer, healthy living enthusiast and a young entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Najee Fitness and Diamond Nutrition, two of his ventures which help him achieve his lifelong goal of a fit lifestyle. Before we know more about them let us take a look at Najee as a person and understand why he is so motivated to do what he does.

Born and brought up in New York, Najee Smith had always been interested in fitness. Growing up in an athletic family, sports always had a good hold on his life. It was only natural for Najee to start working out and make it a part of his daily routine from a young age. By the time he graduated school and was in college, Najee knew that being a personal trainer and motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle was his calling. For Najee, health is wealth and one of the biggest investments that someone can make in his opinion is to take care of their own body and mind- both of which can be achieved through clean eating and regular exercise. Although working as a personal trainer could be exhausting at times, Najee considers it all worth it if he can make a positive change in even one person's life. To make that change, Najee offers strength training, boxing, athletic training, calisthenics, partner training, small group training and boot camps- whatever it takes to get people motivated and interested for a journey towards a healthier future.

It was only a matter of time before people began recognising the talent Najee had and he was motivated to start up his own fitness and training centre to connect further. With just a dollar and a dream, Najee started Najee Fitness on 30th November 2020. Najee Fitness offers personal training on a 1-on-1 offline basis. However, since that isn't always possible considering peoples' busy lifestyles and the ongoing pandemic, they also have options for virtual training which translates the 1-on-1 experience online using platforms like Zoom. The benefits do not end here and you can also get diet monitoring, meal plans customized to your life, progress tracking and regular access to Najee himself, of course.

Najee Fitness showed Najee that apart from fitness he also had another passion and that is business. With an inbuilt aptitude for entrepreneurship and an enticing idea, Najee launched Diamond Nutrition. "I've had clients or just people I run into ask me what are some good supplements to take? What's a good brand? And I couldn't name any because one brand had this or didn't have that. Or I didn't feel confident recommending brands. I wanted to start a brand that had something for everyone". This was his motivation behind the creation of Diamond Nutrition. With a good range of health supplements as well as athletic wear, Diamond Nutrition is the best place to be if you wish to enhance your experience.

In the future, Najee Smith hopes to keep on making a positive impact not only for his own life but also for millions of others from all around the world. "My mission is to educate and empower anyone in the pursuit of their best self. Everyone starts somewhere, but not everyone finishes what they started. If you are ready to take control of your health, I am here to help!", he adds.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your life for the better with Najee Smith today!