Take cues on how to develop an online career from influencer Faith Lianne

Faith Lianne

Known for her massive fan following and viral sports videos, Influencer and beauty blogger Faith Lianne doesn't need any introduction. Faith is a woman full of empowering motives and ideals.

Started her career in her early teens and then carving her castle of royalty. Worked as a fitness trainer previously and now have managed to establish a fanbase of 3.2 Million followers Lianne is a sensation who breaks the internet with every content that she creates.

Faith is charming, bold, heroic, and beautiful who has changed the sphere of the beauty and glamour industry which eventually made her a millionaire overnight. She is enduring her fantasy vitality at a youthful age, with a practical vocation in her early 20's which is impelling for every millennial out there!

Today, we are taking cues from her on how to build an online brand/career.

● Try to know your audience

One thing that we have adapted from the young influencer is to secure constant engagement with the audience, knowing and reviewing their likes and dislikes, and curating content according to their desires and preferences

● Do not post everything that you create on a single platform

Faith Lianne believes in versatility and hence, posts several contents on different platforms by not repeating her subjects which develops a hype and sense of curiosity making the viewers want more resulting in engagement and attention.

● Always keep backup content for your lows

Faith Lianne has never been deemed to skip a promise because of her life lows or other priorities, she has always been prepared with scope to post on days where she feels creative block.

● Accept criticism, ignore hate

Lianne has always accepted positive criticism in her journey because she feels it is important to address them as feedback but at the same time ignore hatred as there is plenty of it in this profession as it demotivates the creator.

These are the few insiders from Faith Lianne's voyage of attainment in establishing a brand online that one should follow in their journey.
All the best!