Taiwanese actor Tuo Chung-hua arrested for molesting flight stewardess in Singapore

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Taiwanese movie and TV actor Tuo Chung-hua was arrested for allegedly molesting a flight stewardess on Friday, February 1.

A Taiwanese entertainment publication Apple Daily News reported that the 56-year-old actor, who has appeared in the popular movie series 'Yes, Sir!' had boarded a China Airlines flight to Singapore on Friday.

The report also added that after the take-off Tuo, whose name is also listed as To Tsung-hua, started to behave in a drunken and disoriented manner.

Later, when a male fellow passenger tried to confront him, Tuo allegedly used vulgar gestures at him. Then the actor asked a flight attendant to bring him more alcohol and during that time he allegedly touched the female's buttocks and later, the woman broke down and cried.

The agent of the well-known actor Tuo, told the Apple Daily that the actor had not molested the stewardess. He also added that Tuo was wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year and had spoken in a loud voice as he was 'excited.' However, Tuo later recorded a 50-second long apology video and posted on the social media platform.

In that video he acknowledged that on the flight he may have done some things that affected others and while giving an explanation Tuo said that he was just expressing how happy he is due to the Chinese New Year.

The Golden Bell Award winner Tuo said, "I may have had a little too much to drink. This really was unacceptable, I hope it won't affect everybody's mood for the new year," and added, "I hereby apologise to those I have affected, I did not have any ill intention of harassing you all, I hope she can forgive me."

However, as per Apple Daily, Chinese Airlines confirmed a passenger was drunk on the flight and the captain had reported the situation to the authorities in Singapore for security reasons.

On Sunday Singapore police told The Straits Times that they were alerted to the case of outrage of modesty at around 6.57 pm on Friday. The officers arrested Tuo after the plane landed at Changi airport. The investigation is under process.