Taeyang releases new album, denies breaking up with Min Hyo Rin

Rumors circulated that Taeyang had broken up with girlfriend and actress Min Hyo Rin because of the song "Darling,".

Taeyang YG Entertainment

Big Bang member Taeyang has released his new album "White Night" on August 16 that contains eight songs including the title track "Darling."

According to YG Entertainment, Taeyang collaborated with songwriters and producers Joe Rhee, 24, R.Tee and Teddy for the album.

Others songs in "White Night" are "Wake Me Up," "White Night," "Ride," "Empty Road," "Naked" and "Tonight."

Rumors circulated that Taeyang had broken up with girlfriend and actress Min Hyo Rin because of the song "Darling," which was interpreted as a separation song.

But Taeyang denied this saying, "Many people thought it was a song about separation with a lover, but you can tell it is a song about passionate love when you read the lyrics," according to the YG blog.

"The lyrics will well resonate with lovers. The song's hook part says 'My hope is you'. I think many people would understand such feelings. I think explanations about the song 'Darling' were insufficient before the new album's release. It was heartbreaking to see those wrong rumors," he explained.

He said he decided to release a regular album instead of a mini-album or single because "that's what I want to do."

"I could release a variety of song by releasing singles and Eps. But this way, it's hard to convey what I really want to say," he said. "Of course, things have changed now, and I wonder if releasing a regular album has any meaning at all. But that's what I want to do. I believe that it's great as a singer to show what the album is about in the album jacket and package."

Taeyang is currently holding his solo world tour and for him, "this is like a dream come true for any singer."

"Singers should be on stage with a band and performing in front of people. It's a dream for any singer. I'm so happy to be doing this. I'm really looking forward to touring around the world," he said.

To promote the album, Taeyang will appear on variety shows so "people will connect with me more and listen to my music more."

"That's why I didn't refuse. I didn't make compromises in making this album. This album is exactly what I wanted it to be, and it even has two music videos. I felt thankful to Mr. Yang (Hyun Suk) for this. When he asked me if it would be ok if I go on variety shows, I couldn't say no," he said.