Taecyeon to star in new OCN thriller drama with Seo Ye-ji ?

The upcoming OCN thriller is based on a webtoon titled Out of the World

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Ok Taecyeon
Kim Yoon Jin and Ok Taecyeon will be seen in the movie House Above Time Reuters

OCN's new thriller drama, Rescue Me offered the lead role to Taecyeon and if he accepts the offer, he will be working with Seo Ye-ji who has officially signed on. Jo Sung-ha is also onboard.

According to the reports, Taecyeon is considering the role positively but has not confirmed it yet.

The upcoming OCN thriller is based on a webtoon titled Out of the World. The story is about a girl's whispered plea in an alleyway, which a couple of young men hear and are unable to ignore it and go on to help her.

The role of the girl is to be played by Seo Ye-ji, who is a calm and quiet girl and has a sad look in her eye which also reflects her inner strength. The girl experienced a number of hardships as her father's business fails during the beginning of her high school years. His father falls into debt and his business partner betrays him.

The lead actor of the drama is handsome, charming, and warm-hearted. Well, he is among the couple of young men who steps in to save Seo Ye-ji when she pleas. If Taecyeon accepts the role, he will be playing this part.

The hint of mystery in the drama, as well as the cult bent of the storyline seems to be different and interesting. It is not yet known if Taecyeon will eventually play the part or not, but if he does fans will have a high hope from him as he always being bright and upbeat.

Rescue Me is to be written by a new writer, Jung Yi-do, and will be directed by, Kim Sung-soo of 2006's Running Wild and 2013's Genome Hazard.

It will be a weekend drama and will be following the thriller Duel, which follows currently airing time-travel thriller Tunnel. It is all set to premiere in July.

This article was first published on April 5, 2017