Tadrus Capital: A Successful and Honest Firm

Historically, Wall Street and other financial institutions aren't known for being particularly
transparent. However, just because this is the status quo doesn't mean it can't be disrupted.
Mina Tadrus, Founder and CEO of Tadrus Capital -- the world's first high-yielding and fixed-
income quantitative hedge fund -- is taking an ambitious new approach to bringing more
transparency to trading.

Tadrus Capital
Tadrus Capital

Revolutionary transparency in the trading process

Tadrus Capital's new approach to trading involves broadcasting its trading activity live on the firm's website. As a result, stakeholders and other interested parties can see the fund's trading in real-time.

"We wanted to provide our stakeholders with an inside look into our trading strategies," says Tadrus. "We've been working hard to build a track record that we're proud of, and we wanted to share that with the world."

Tadrus Capital's willingness to be transparent about its live trading process shows its
confidence in its returns. Their multi-faceted approach combines qualitative analysis, machine learning, and deep research to yield consistent results over time, even during conditions of market uncertainty.

In the investment community, alternative investments are under scrutiny — and Tadrus says it's for good reason. What differentiates Tadrus Capital's strategy is that the firm's team has verifiable results to back it up. "Many people see our 30% returns and think they are too good to be true because that is well beyond the average in the United States," he explains.

Of course, much of Tadrus Capital's success is enabled by the unparalleled technology its team employs. However, unlike many investment firms, Tadrus Capital does not keep its technology under a shroud of secrecy. "We are showcasing our trades in a public, non-proprietary manner," says Tadrus. "This allows us to prove our credibility in a way that few other firms have succeeded in."

How transparency benefits investor relations

The primary goal of Tadrus Capital broadcasting its real-time fund transactions is to give stakeholders an honest insight into how their investments are being managed. As a result, stakeholders will hopefully see their confidence in the fund and its performance strengthened. "The financial sector depends heavily on a client's trust," explains Tadrus. "When that trust dissipates, the firm will begin to falter. Our initiative to provide transparent live trading will hopefully ensure that our clients never lose their faith in us."

According to Tadrus, this level of regular communication is pivotal for successful investor relations. Although Tadrus Capital goes above and beyond by providing real-time insight, Tadrus still reinforces the critical importance of transparency and the enormous benefits it can have. "The reaction from the public has been overwhelmingly positive, including from potential clients impressed by our returns and transparency," he asserts. "We hope to inspire other firms to follow suit and trade more transparently."

Tadrus describes the firm's processes as "teach-forward," meaning they provide unprecedented transparency when highlighting analyst predictions and portfolio recommendations on buying and selling assets. He hopes that by helping stakeholders better understand the behind-the-scenes of their trading process, they will have more confidence in the firm and its team's ability to deliver great results.

As if Tardus Capital's industry-best returns weren't enough to differentiate it from other investment firms, the Tadrus team decided to take it one step further by implementing a revolutionary new system that provides stakeholders with unprecedented transparency and insight into the firm's trading processes. "Our transparency should be an example for the industry of what can be done if a firm dedicates themselves fully to building trust and serving their clients' best interests," says Tadrus.