Fans have been eagerly waiting for the official report about BIGBANG's T.O.P who was hospitalised due to drug overdose. Now finally, T.O.P's mother has spoken out about his son's condition. She stated that T.O.P is in an extremely critical condition and "close to dying".

According to Koreaboo, T.O.P's Mother angrily refuted all rumours claiming that T.O.P is simply "sleeping."

She tearfully stated, "My son is still unconscious and to read articles that say he's "deep in sleep" is hurtful. Please edit and refrain from saying such things. We don't know how things will turn out. My son is in critical condition. I see my son dying but I also see reports saying he's just sleeping. Isn't that wrongful reporting?"

She also added that the rapper is in a bad condition and is currently being assisted by a breathing device to receive oxygen.

She further stated, "Due to the lack of oxygen, he may have possible brain damage."

After T.O.P's mother's statement, YG Entertainment also released a statement saying, "When T.O.P's mother saw the police quote she was furious. T.O.P is currently wearing an oxygen mask and he is unconscious. Visitation rights are restricted and only close relatives are looking over him."