BIGBANG's T.O.P was in a relationship with trainee singer Han So-hee, his lawyer indirectly stated following the rapper's sentencing on June 29 at the Seoul Central District Court. Big Bang's Facebook page

T.O.P's critical condition has made all the fans worried. Just a few hours back, his mother tearfully declared that he is still unconscious and even close to death. She was sad that media is putting up fake news about his son being just 'sleeping'.

To clear all the doubts, T.O.P's doctors held a press conference and Koreaboo in a series of live tweets translated the statements of the doctors. Here are the details:

The doctors stated that according to T.O.P's urine test, they found only one substance clearly and that is benzodiazepine, one of the medications that he has been prescribed to. However, they can tell how much and what he took exactly is only if T.O.P says it himself. Since he is unable to, it's difficult to tell.

The doctors also informed that Benzodiazepine is not a sleeping pill, as various media outlets are claiming that the rapper took sleeping pills. In fact, it is used to fight. Doctors said that he is in a stage where they must keep a careful eye on him and they are doing so.

The carbon dioxide level in his blood has decreased but he is still unconscious.

There were reports stating that the police said he is conscious, to that he said, "Unconsciousness is a fickle term to define. Even someone being very drunk is described as not 100% conscious."

Knowing that this may have caused some confusion, he said, "We will release details in an official report." The doctor also said that his initial response was only to needles' painful pricks or pain.

He concluded by stating, "He has since improved but is still not fully conscious."

It has also ben reported that currently he has high blood pressure which is 144/108 (hypertension) and high heart rate 128 (abnormal).

The carbon dioxide level in his blood has decreased but he is still unconscious.