T.O.P shares image of 'crispy sandwich boxes', deletes immediately

T.O.P was kicked out of his duty as a conscripted policeman, last July 31, after being caught with smoking marijuana.

After the much-hyped marijuana controversy, Big Bang's T.O.P, for the first time shared an image of 'crispy sandwich boxes' inside a freezer on his Instagram account. However, something seems to have happened immediately and the singer deleted the image. A report on All Kpop has published the images. T.O.P was kicked out of his duty as a conscripted policeman last July 31 after being caught with smoking marijuana. He was later reassigned as a public service worker.

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Meanwhile, T.O.P's Chinese-German collaborative movie 'Out of Control' is finally getting a release date. In an exclusive interview to German's Westfalen-Blatt (WB) website, Director Axel Sand revealed that the film will hit the screens in early 2018 and will be screened for the first time at the Cologne Film Festival.

When asked about the reason for pushing the release dates (initially the film was scheduled for December 2017 release), he cited the political dispute between China and South Korea as the main reason. "We thought it would be better to sit tight and see how things unfold, especially due to the fact that our main star was Korean," he added.

The director also added that T.O.P's recent marijuana controversy would have been a promotional tool if he was from Europe but in Asia, such issues are handled with more care. "From a European perspective, such a situation would have been used as an advertising tool as the saying goes 'Any press is a good press.' However, from an Asian point of view, such incidents are taken care with more caution, which is a good thing especially when it comes to famous people," he said.