T.I. aka Clifford Harris trolled for forcing daughter to take 'virginity test' every year

US musician T.I. aka Clifford Harris revealed that he escorts his daughter Deyjah Harris to the doctor after each birthday to check her hymen

US rapper T.I. aka Clifford Harris
US rapper T.I. aka Clifford Harris Twitter.com/Tip

US musician T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, courted controversy by opening up on escorting his daughter Deyjah Harris to the doctor's office after each birthday to 'check her hymen'. He is facing a lot of outrage on social media with many calling him stupid and trolling him for patriarchal behaviour.

T.I. was talking to Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham on the Ladies Like Us podcast when he confessed of forcing his 18-year-old daughter to undergo an annual "virginity test" at the gynaecologist. "Usually like the day after the (birthday) party, she's enjoying her gifts, I put a sticky note on the door: 'Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30,'" the Grammy-winning musician told the presenters.

Clifford Harris also reportedly revealed that the trips began after Deyjah's sixteenth birthday and she was required to sign a waiver allowing the doctor to share the results with him. Female hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham were seen laughing at his comments and jokingly referred to his daughter as a prisoner in the podcast.

Hymen exams are medically not a thing and doctors who would participate in such an act needs to lose their license. Many condemned Clifford Harris' behaviour. They said that it is extremely abusive to police your daughter's hymen. They called the 39-year-old rapper disgusting, possessive and controlling.

Here is how people reacted to T.I. aka Clifford Harris' confession on policing his daughter's hymen:

Ijeoma Oluo ✔ @IjeomaOluo

Hi. It's extremely abusive to police your daughter's hymen and any doctor who would participate in such an act needs to lose their license. Thanks for coming to my "shit we shouldn't have to say in 2019" Ted Talk

Thighrie Irving @Aphrothighty

The thing I hate most about the sexual policing of girls is that it teaches them to center men: "I don't want my daughter to do X because then men will think Y" Like we're curating ourselves for some future mystery man whose only requirement is to show up and be himself

whelp!!! @missriri91

What is him going to the gynecologist going to solve? Your hymen can break without having sex, so what is he solving by going with her to verify it's still there? All he is doing is showing that he doesn't trust her to make "good" decisions or doesn't believe she is capable.

Chaos Agent Of Color @daniecal

There are now hundreds of strangers discussing his daughters genitalia. He has made his daughters body public domain & reinforced it belongs to him. That's not care, that's cruel and unusual. I hope you get some help

Integration was a mistake. @_fleurdepeach

I meant to tell yall earlier, but today's TL topic is why you gotta remember to be who you needed when you were younger.

Boomer Please @BienSur_JeTaime

That girl just got to college and her virginity is a trending topic. That's gotta be next level embarrassing. And it sets her up to be targeted by the weirdos who already go after freshman women.

Dara, her own best thing @TrulyTafakari

Men's concern about their daughter's virginity isn't protecting anything but the patriarchal idea that a woman's sexual activity is her father's shame.

Ù‹ @SmileyNthahood

Clifford Harris is one strange person. This is definitely invading her privacy but, Deyjah is no fool... I believe this "Quick Trip" is a way to continue living the lifestyle she does. No excuse!! But, sex probably isn't even on her mind so she's good...

Refer to me as Goddess, I'm tired of being modest. @listentolita

@Tip got the nerve to be checking hymens when Tiny probably still has to smell his dick after they've been apart. THE GALL. Someone do him a favor and set him on fire. #TI #CliffordHarris #fuckboys

Serpentarius @Ophiuchus1212

I'm telling ya!! This nigga Clifford Harris is a fuckin weirdo. His words don't mean shit! He speaks and looks elegant. He's trash. He has stupid morals.

Payal Parashar @payal_parashar

@Tip Clifford Harris is insane. He cheated on his wife now he is trying to police his 18-year-old daughter's hymen. The presence of an intact hymen that can easily be broken without engaging in sexual activity is not regarded as an effective way to test virginity.

Perks of Being a Wallbottom ⚕️ @TopherFrance

Clifford Harris constantly reminds us he's trash. What's funny is he mentioned that his son who is younger is sexually active and that doesn't bother him. Yet another way men constantly police women's sexual reproductive organs

However, the episode of the "Ladies Like Us" podcast was released on Tuesday, but his shocking confession appeared to have been deleted on Wednesday after it went viral on social media. Harris's representatives are yet to respond on his controversial comment about his daughter.