T-ara comes back with 4 members, new album

During T-ara's album showcase, members talked about the difficulties and memories while being in the group.

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Korean girl group T-ara came back to the music scene with a new album recorded by four remaining members. "What's My Name" was supposed to be the last album with all the six members participating but Boram and Soyeon left the group in May, pushing back the album's release as Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Qri had to record again the songs.

The album contains nine tracks including the title song "What's My Name." This is T-ara's ninth mini-album since their debut in 2009.

During T-ara's album showcase, members talked about the difficulties and memories while being in the group.

"Though we've been through tough times, my desire to not let T-ara go was always greater," said Qri, repored Soompi. "I think that's why I've been able to hold on till now. I've learned a lot of life lessons as time went on. I have a lot of affection for T-ara and I never want to let T-ara go."

Eunjung said she doesn't regret being a member of T-ara despite the hard times.

"I spent most of my twenties as a member of T-ara, and that time has been so precious to me. I don't regret it. Though there were difficult times along the way, we received a lot of love, which is also hard to accomplish," she said.

T-ara rose to become one of the most popular K-pop groups until the issue of members bullying Hwayoung surfaced in 2012.

Eunjung said she wants to "focus more on how grateful I am for the things we've received rather than think about the difficult times."

For Hyomin, T-ara became her life.

"Most of my youth was spent as a member of T-ara. I think we all feel like we wouldn't change that for the world. We talk about that a lot. We don't have any expectations of being loved going into this," she explained.

Eunjung was straightforward in saying that "we know that people don't like us, and we don't know if we'll receive any love for this comeback."

"It isn't easy to perform knowing you won't be loved. But I hope people will watch over us. We've gone through some changes, but like we always have, we will focus on our singing and dancing to create a good performance," she added.

They said they will continue to support Boram and Soyeon despite that they left the group.