System fault disrupts train services on Sengkang and Punggol LRT for hours

Singapore train service
Singapore train service Reuters

The train services on the Sengkang and Punggol LRT lines were disrupted on early Tuesday morning for almost three hours, confirmed SBS Transit.

Commuters who were heading to the workplace and school became irritated after they were informed about the disruption which was caused due to a system fault.

In Twitter, at around 6.08 am SBS Transit posted that Sengkang and Punggol LRT lines were down due to a system fault. It also mentioned that they were providing free bridging and regular bus services to commuters at designated bus stops near affected stations.

A social media user, replied to that tweet stating that "Why didn't you deploy more buses since you know of the lrt signalling isn't working earlier?"

"You know, it is PSLE for some students right?"

Later, SBS Transit, which operates both lines, tweeted that Train services on the Punggol LRT line resumed at around 7 am, while Sengkang LRT was still down. In a separate Tweet, it mentioned that students, who are going for exams should approach to station staff for further assistance.

Almost an hour later, another Tweet revealed that the train services on the Sengkang LRT line were also resumed and "Free bridging and regular bus services have ceased."

There were some commuters who were stuck inside the trains which stopped in between the stations on the lines. One of the commuters, who faced the issue, told The Straits Times that the train went dark after it stopped in the midway and people waited for almost half an hour for the air-condition to come back.