Swiftly changing the landscape and dynamics of the real estate world is Alfred Dzadey

Alfred Dzadey

Alfred Dzadey is the founder and director of Real Property Ventures, a property investment and development company based in the UK. The company was founded in September 2018 with the aim of helping people to achieve better returns on their money through property investment. To date, the company has successfully completed several property development projects, gone on to win awards, become well recognised in the industry and he has also helped numerous investors to achieve their financial goals.

His confidence, knowledge, experience, and pro-business skills are the asset of her stupendous success journey at a young age. He owns a top agency in the real estate market. Today, the young talent is the founder and director of Real Property Ventures, which he initiated in the year 2018.

Alfred Dzadey is the one, who had lost his job, but this challenge pushed him forward to pursue his property business, and the rest is history. Currently, he is working on many other new property development projects for expanding his portfolio and is also growing in the business acquisition space. Today, Alfred Dzadey is a multi-award-winning property investor and developer, SME business investor, and much more, creating a lot of buzz around him and his work across the UK.

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