Sweden Elects Country's First Woman Prime Minister for the Second Time, Twitterati Call it a 'Joke'

Magdalena Andersson is elected as Sweden's first woman Prime Minister for the second time in a week.

Sweden elected its first woman Prime Minister for the second time in a week and social media has a lot to say about the political commotion that is going on in the country. Magdalena Andersson, after being elected as the first woman Prime Minister last week, was forced to quit within just seven hours after her proposed budget was rejected and the coalition government she was counting on broke down.

The leader of Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson has been chosen as prime minister for the second time in a 101-173 vote with 75 abstentions on Monday, November 29. She will now form a one-party, minority government with the Cabinet on November 30. Andersson will begin her new role after meeting the King of Sweden on Tuesday.

Andersson was elected for a second time after 101 MPs voted for her, 173 voted against, and 75 abstained. Swedish constitution says that Prime Ministers can govern as long as a minimum of 175 MPs, a parliamentary majority do not vote against them. Andersson is ready to acquire the position preceding 33 men.

Magdalena Andersson
Magdalena Andersson Screen grab - Reuters

Magdalena Andersson's position is still uncertain

Magdalena Andersson's position, however, is still uncertain given Sweden's currently shaky political landscape. In a 349-seat Parliament, Andersson's part holds 100 seats, which means they are dependant on the support of other parties to pass legislation. Andersson is set to replace former Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, who also stepped down as the leader of the Social Democrats party earlier this month. He is now leading a caretaker government.

'What an embarrassment'

Social media sleuths called the whole facade an 'embarrassment' claiming that the 'so called feminist country' of Sweden never had a female Prime Miniter and when they finally did, they decided to "pile this dumbassery on top of it." "Politics here is a joke," wrote one person.

"Make up your mind Sweden," one person tweeted.