Sweaty Nonce Song on Prince Andrew Climbs Charts in U.K. Ahead of Queen's Jubilee

The song titled Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce is trending in the UK charts ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee, held on June 2. The satirical punk rock single, released on May 27, is currently one of the most trending songs on the official charts. The song, penned by rock band The K***s, is about the Duke of York, and it is climbing up the UK charts, according to official reports.

The official charts shared the news about its rising popularity on their official Twitter accounts. The reports stated the song made it to the Top 20 trending songs in the UK on May 31 as it ranked 12 on the list. The reason for this single climbing the chart hours before the Queen's Jubilee is its title and lyrics, which describe the Duke of York as a pedophile.

The word Nonce is a British Slang for pedophiles, and the song as a whole refers to the Grand Old Duke of York's relationship with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was found guilty of numerous sex offenses against several children. The rock band's frontman said the song is based on a children's rhyme, The Grand Old Duke Of York.

Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce
Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce cover. Twitter

"For me, having grown up with the folklore around The Sex Pistols God Save The Queen getting robbed of the top spot in 77, a Jubilee celebration has always felt like it could be a good chance to air any grievances one may have with our unelected head of state and her feckless offspring", NME quoted him.

"I can't help thinking that in a day and age where there are families reliant on food banks to feed their children and old ladies riding around on buses because they can't afford to heat their homes, the idea that there is this family who lives in castles and palaces, and whose crowns gilded with gold and jewels get ferried around in specially built Rolls Royces does feel a bit like something that we as a society should have risen and put a stop to by now", he added.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew Twitter

Top 10 on iTunes

Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce also came under the Top 10 trending songs list on iTunes. It ranked nine and is expected to reach the top spot in time for the jubilee. The band has been actively promoting the single on Twitter in hopes to reopen public discussions on the case against Prince Andrew.

In the sex abuse case against Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed that she was a victim of sex abuse and trafficking by billionaire Epstein when she was 17 years old. He and his then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly forced Giuffre to sleep with Epstein's associates. One of them was the Duke of York, who sexually abused her on three different occasions.

The third child of Queen Elizabeth II denied all the accusations and said the photograph with the accused was fake. But later, he came to a multi-million-pound settlement with Giuffre. In a statement, the Duke said he regrets his association with Epstein. Although Prince Andrew stepped down from all his royal duties in 2019, he is expected to attend the Platinum Party by BBC or the Platinum Jubilee Pageant at the Palace Concert.