Suzy Bae and Park Won's duet song is finally out and the track titled 'Don't Wait for Your Love' is their first ever collaboration, which released on February 28. The lyrics is about lack of trust in relationships that ultimately destroy love.

Website Kpoply has provided an English translation of the Korean language song. The lyrics read: "Even she doesn't get back to you don't doubt her. If her reply is a little late, it could mean she was busy. Don't let your mind waver; haven't you had some really busy days too?"

It may appear as if Suzy Bae is making a subtle reference, perhaps about some misunderstanding in her relationship with actor/boyfriend Lee Min-ho.

Suzy Bae & Park Won
Singers Park Won and Suzy Bae.

In the music video, Park Won is seen singing alone initially, playing his guitar. He creates the impression of a lonely man who has learnt from his past mistakes, the damage that unnecessary suspicion and mistrust can cause in a relationship. One cannot help but be reminded of the numerous reports regarding Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae's purported troubled relationship. The miss A singer joins Park Won a little later and they sing together.

There have been various articles that have postulated that the couple have split, that they are not getting married and that their respective careers are driving a wedge between them due to busy schedule. It should be kept in mind that the couple neither confirmed nor denied such reports and it's all rumours, unless officially acknowledged. However, the lyrics of 'Don't Wait for Your Love' may point towards certain problems in the relationship between Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae.

The song advises men in particular and couples in general to not 'wait for your love' to respond. The man or the partner must take the initiative to contact his woman first. There is a desperate plea in the lines "Don't wait for her call" and "Don't just look at your phone." The plea transforms into a solution for troubled lovers in the final four lines, which say "Don't wait for your love. Contact her first, She'll like it."

The song is clearly about women, about someone who has been misunderstood by his partner leading to a break-up, perhaps. The lyrics have a message and a warning for couples, especially men, who must learn to be more trusting of their partners.

Watch the music video below.