Suzy Bae and Park Won collaboration: More details revealed

Suzy Bae is working with independent artist Park Won for a special release.

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Suzy Bae & Park Won
Singers Park Won and Suzy Bae.

Suzy Bae is all set to release a new duet track with independent artist Park Won. Ever since the news broke out, fans are curious about the style of the work.

Park Won's agency, MakeUs Entertainment, released a statement on the collaboration. The note read: "Park Won was writing a duet song about the love in a man and woman's gaze. He wrote it with Suzy's voice in mind, which he felt was clear in tone and good at conveying the emotion in the lyrics. After he finished writing it, he contacted Suzy directly. Suzy, who is a fan of Park Won's music, agreed right away."

The duet is titled Don't Wait For Your Love, and will be released on February 28. A teaser of the song is already out and is breaking the internet.

Suzy made her debut through the girl group miss A under JYP Entertainment and has done a slew of interesting dramas including Dream High, Architecture 101, Gu Family Book, and Uncontrollably Fond. Though there were reports that the singer will be leaving miss A and JYP Entertainment once her contract expires, it now looks like she is here to stay.

However, the renewal seems impossible as one of its member Jia has already left the group last year in order to pursue a career in China. With the agency preparing for Suzy's solo debut, it looks like the girl group will be disbanded soon.

Soompi noted that "she became known as the 'nation's first love' for her pure and natural beauty. As soon as news was released of her solo debut, she became surrounded by curiosity and attention towards what direction she could choose to take."

This article was first published on February 24, 2017