Suzy Bae in Off the REC: Relation with Lee Min Ho and how often they go on date revealed

The producers stated, "That means you only see each other once a month!"

Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot
Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot Facebook/MissA.SuzyB

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have been together for a pretty long time but little do they reveal about each other or their relationship. However, in Suzy Bae's new solo reality show Off the REC, she has taken a different avatar, showing no topics are off the table for her.

This reality show gives the fans the opportunity to witness the life of Suzy up close on-screen, right from the moment when she wakes up until she goes off to sleep. The teasers revealed that the fans will come to know about her friends, hobbies and also her drinking habits.

Suzy is seen in one of the most recent previews revealing that she can easily drink one and a half bottles of soju. Suzy Bae also revealed that she loves playing pool and go karaoke during her free time and her method of relieving stress is rapping.

The trailer also revealed a moment where Suzy was seen going through the photos on her phone. "As she scrolled through, she quietly said to herself while turning her phone away from the camera, 'Disastrous, disastrous,' which piqued the interest of the show's producers," Koreaboo reported.

The producer asked, "Why? It's not like you have racy pictures in there right?" To which Suzy assured that she doesn't have any racy photos on her phone, and that they may be rather sweet or embarrassing ones.

Well, that was enough for the producers to pull her leg, so they asked jokingly, "Do you go on dates with him a lot? Maybe once a month?" Suzy answered in an unclear way, "Date? Once a month...." The producer continued, "Once a week? Once every two weeks? Three weeks?"

Suzy tried not to respond to that, to which he stated: "That means you only see each other once a month!" Hearing that, Suzy burst out laughing. The show revealed that Suzy Bae is not a much a scheduled person and often stays awake past 4 am. In fact, the producers noticed that she happily texts someone before going off to sleep.

This article was first published on January 16, 2017