Suzy Bae looks angelic in photo shoot for French design jewelry brand

Suzy Bae is the latest celebrity to pose for Didier Dubot.

Suzy Bae looks gorgeous during the photo shoot for a French design jewelry brand. The 21-year-old South Korean singer and actress showed off her stunning looks for Didier Dubot.

In the images posted on her Facebook account, the member of the girl group miss A is seen in an emerald green off-shoulder dress.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Nylon Magazine, Bae talked about her love for being natural. She said: "I dislike being fake the most in this world, thus when the ambience natural and comfortable, I find it unforgettable. For example, there was once I met my good friend but after we met, we did not talk a lot so we just went back and we felt like drinking alcohol so we drank, aren't there times like these where your mood is good? We can talk about the past, we can also talk about our problems. It feels really good to chat like this naturally."

Adding on, Lee Min-ho's girlfriend revealed her favourite place. She said: "Inside the car is truly my own personal space. I used to not be able to sleep if it's not inside the car or the bed in my room. Back then I sleep in the car frequently thus I got familiarized with the ambience, but I can't sleep if it's too quiet too. To me, the time in the car is very precious and I want to fully enjoy it. But somtimes when I fall asleep because I'm too tired, I will sleep very well. Aren't there noises on the expressways? I record and play it when I'm at home before going to sleep. I sleep well even if I'm not in a car now, but sleeping in the car is still the most comfortable. Sometimes I drive to de-stress too."