Suzy Bae cancels her Madame Tussauds Hong Kong trip

The Madame Tussaud event is likely to take place in early August

Miss A's Suzy abruptly cancelled her recent Madame Tussauds' appearance. The 21 year old, who is the first Korean female star to have her wax figure made, reportedly called off her trip due to unlikely travel condition.

As per reports, The Uncontrollably Fond actress was flying to the Asia's World City for a special promotional fan event at the wax sculptured museum. On 1 August, the actress's agency released a statement revealing the recent change in plans. The information note read: " Suzy was scheduled to depart on the 2nd, but her schedule has been abruptly cancelled due to poor [traveling] conditions in Hong Kong. The schedule will be discussed again in the future." Although the date of Suzy's fan meet event has not been revealed, it is stated that the event is likely to take place in early August.

Meanwhile, the wax figure of Lee Min Ho's girlfriend will be placed at the K-Wave zone of the museum, along with Korean heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun and model-turned-actor Lee Jong-suk. Reportedly, the sculpting team of Madame Tussauds flew to Seoul from United Kingdom for a 7-hour sitting process and meeting with the singer-turned-actress in mid July.

Expressing her exuberance over getting the great honor, Suzy previously stated: "I am extremely proud to have a wax figure of myself and excite to be the first female Korean star placed with top celebrities around the world at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong."

" Appreciate the professional studio team gave me a memorable experience and spent a lone time for sitting process with me to ensure the final wax figure to be perfection. I simply can't wait to meet you all and unveil 'myself'," she said.