From Surviving To Thriving; The Lethal Marketing Agency Boosting Online Brands

Lethal Marketing Agency

The difference between the small businesses that survive and the ones that thrive is the emphasis placed on their visibility. Despite the fact that the internet makes everyone searchable at the push of a few buttons, the brands that invest time into making it as easy for their audience to engage with them as possible are at a distinct advantage over the ones who leave it up to chance, hoping that everything will happen organically or a viral post will blow them up.

The most successful brands, regardless of whether they're big or small, all have a team or a plan (usually both) behind them pushing their brand beyond what just word-of-mouth can enable them to achieve, and as more people adapt operating in the digital space, the more competition your brand will face trying to differentiate itself from its competitors. You don't have to be the most innovative entrepreneur in the world to elevate your brand above your competition, all you need is Lethal, the full-service digital marketing, web design, and advertising agency based in Perth, Western Australia to boost your business from surviving to thriving.

With over 20 years of experience, Lethal has helped hundreds of Australian and international businesses establish themselves online as authority figures with strong launch campaigns that flex your brand's values. From construction to eCommerce and everything in-between, Lethal makes sure the best of your brand is seen by the world.

The team at Lethal exist on the cutting edge of advertising in the digital space, researching testing, and implementing new strategies and technologies to boost brands while analyzing quantifiable data to ensure that every dollar you spend on marketing makes an impact. Lethal's multi-channel approach to marketing enables your brand to become omnipresent in an ever-shifting digital landscape. From Facebook and Instagram ads to Google adword and retargeting strategies and innovative website designs that flex your brand's vision; Lethal's emphasis on results, longevity, and thriving is a testament to their passion for providing value to their clients.

Lethal have a particularly close relationship with the fitness industry, having partnered with some of Australia's top fitness influencers for over 10 years, including Lauren Simpson (2m followers on Instagram), Rachel Dillon (1.3m), Anita Herbert (2.6m) and many more creators to scale their brands to the next level, or signal boost them as they build their communities.

Lethal was born in 2002 from a fresh-faced and hungry graphic designer Lee, looking to cut his teeth in the industry and express his creativity while he searched for a stable job, but quickly became his full-time focus in 2010 when he realized that the agency he was working for no longer possessed the same values he did. "I realized that the industry I was in and the work environment I consumed daily was very 'awards-driven.'" Lee explained. "It was then that I began to question if the work I was doing was benefitting the client with the best results we could get for them, or benefitting the agency more. From that day I knew I had to go all in on learning marketing, understanding the digital space and the user experience so that I could guarantee results that my clients could be proud of."

20 Years later in 2022, Lethal has grown into a dedicated team of experts that remain faithful to those original values that pushed Lee forward all those years ago. Lethal has garnered a reputation for results-based marketing and his clients come flocking because they trust Lethal's methods. "We're not interested in designing an 'online brochure' (website) that has no lead-gen or core objective." joked Lee.

So level up your online brochure, stop your potential clients from scrolling down google pages to find you, and boost your social media pages so that people get excited about interacting with, and working with you by connecting with Lee Rekman and the team at Lethal through their website, or their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social media pages.