Surviving Social Innovation? Haitham Amin's Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Haitham Amin

In today's world, where technological innovation is ever more rapid, surviving as a business is a real challenge. However, it is also a necessity. As lawyer, entrepreneur, and brand consultant Haitham Amin points out, "the start of social media has totally revolutionized the world we live in."
Haitham's experience as a lawyer had early beginnings and has been steadily rising ever since. However, with the advent of social media, he was motivated to understand that not only face-to-face recognition was important.

But also to connect with hundreds of people who probably needed some guidance or were interested in something related to his area and could not find an answer. This gave way not only to a stage of growth for Haitham but also to a new professional phase. He started his own business and with it, his brand: Amin Law.

A law firm in San Francisco, dedicated to the attention, orientation, and service of people related to different legal matters. Whether it is felonies or misdemeanors, civil matters, DUI, domestic violence, robbery, among other areas, this firm has the ability and knowledge to handle different cases.

Haitham understood that being an independent lawyer required greater responsibility. For on his effort, dedication, commitment, and above all his work would depend on the growth of his name as a firm. It is there, where he understood that he had before him a long road of possibilities, all revolving in the same resource: the internet.

Increase value and visibility

This lawyer emphasizes that analyzing the importance of having a presence online, through its different platforms, was indispensable if he wanted to increase the value and visibility of his personal brand.

"Having a brand not only helps to spread the essence of a brand but also allows direct interaction with customers, which ultimately increases market share".

In this context, he stresses that all entrepreneurs and business people can benefit greatly from social media, only when they discover the power of these in building the brand.

Knowing and making yourself known

One of the main aspects that he assures contributes to the survival of social innovation, through a personal brand in social media is the possibility of making the audience aware of the professional and personal essence of his work.

At the same time, it allows us to understand the behavior of what would be presented as a potential client and to know how it can be more feasible to establish a relationship or generate an effective connection.

"As your brand grows in social media, your pages become centers for your clientele to explore more about your products and services. Without even visiting your web application or website, your customer can recognize your value".

Generates loyalty

For Haitham, brand identity, when strengthened, generates loyalty. It's not just about using the media to offer your products and find interested people. It's about going beyond that. That is, generating a conversation, providing valuable information, content that is of interest and can somehow nurture people.

Two-way communication is essential to ensure that the customer is hooked on our brand and that, when he needs the service offered, he will know immediately where to turn.