Surveillance video captures 19-year-old masturbating on woman in Winter Haven Walmart

The video identified the suspect entering Walmart with the intent of committing the act

A camera footage captured a 19-year-old committing a lewd act in Walmart, Florida. The man was caught masturbating on to the back of a woman who was shopping with a child. The man was charged with battery and committing a lewd act in front of a child below the age of 16. The man turned himself to the authorities later.

The mother was searching for merchandise when Elias Alan-Arturo Flor, of Wahneta, committed the act. The child alerted the woman who in turn told the management but Flor had left the building by then.

Suspect exposed himself to the child

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The incident occurred in the Winter Haven Walmart around 8.30 PM on Friday. The suspect exposed himself to the child while she was shopping with her mother in the toy section of the store. Winter Haven PD Public Information Officer Jamie Brown said that they were mortified by the action committed by Flor which was not only towards the woman but to the child as well.

The child recalled the mortifying incident to the officers and the surveillance camera in the store confirmed it. The Police Department distributed images taken from the video to identify the suspect.

Man admitted his crime and surrendered to police

The Florida man came to the Winter Haven Police Department on his own will and admitted to committing the act. He is being held at the Polk County Jail without bond till his first appearance in the court.

The video identified Flor entering Walmart with the intent of committing the act. Flor doesn't have any previous record of committing any similar crimes. The Police Chief applauded the young girl's bravery in speaking out and giving information regarding the incident.