Surgery goes wrong, woman vomiting her own faeces

A woman in London is vomiting her own faeces after her bowel movement was stopped due to a surgical procedure.

woman vomiting faeces
Facebook Kelly Yeoman

Kelly Yeoman, a 34-year-old woman from England is facing the toughest phase of her life as she is now continuously vomiting her own faeces following a surgery which stopped her bowel movement. In a recently taken X-ray, her internal organs are barely noticeable, as her excreta has spread everywhere. Yeoman's chest cavity is also filled with faeces, leaving her struggling to breathe.

A surgical procedure which went fatally wrong

Yeoman has been spending the last 11 weeks of her life in Southmead Hospital, Bristol. The victim claims that a surgeon has damaged her bowel movement following a routine surgery. As per reports, a slip of the scalpel hit her bowel during the procedure, which resulted in its malfunction.

Now, Yeoman's friends and close family members are crowdfunding for her to undergo advanced treatment to cure her condition. "Due to a slip of the scalpel, during a minor surgical procedure, Kelly Yeoman's bowel was knocked, leaving her with a collection of infection which required two further surgeries to correct. As a result, her bowel is now unable to function," described Kelly's condition in her Go Fund Me page.

Yeoman's friends also fear that her bowel may rupture at any time. According to the Go Fund Me page, it has been learned that Yeoman is regularly vomiting remnants of her last meal and her own excretion, and she is facing huge difficulties to breathe.

"She is allergic to many things including latex and oral antibiotics and has a number of health issues, all of which need to be carefully considered. Nothing seems to be working and we are watching her go gradually downhill – she is almost unrecognizable as our happy, strong and determined friend. Every day she seems to fade further away and we are all beginning to fear the worst," added the Fundraising page, where her friends are hoping to raise S$17,930 for her treatment.