Supreme Court backs 'Padmavati' release amid controversies, Arun Gupta wants director Sanjay Leela Bhansali penalized

SC rejects pleas for banning the movie on Friday as the apex court feels it cannot intervene.

Padmavati Movie poster

The movie Padmavati, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is already a craze among fans and haters alike, even before its release. From the destruction of the movie set to BJP members seeking a ban on the film, the Supreme Court of India finally rejected all pleas of banning the movie on November 11.The apex court, however, feels it cannot intervene in this topic since the Central Board of Film Certification(CBFC) is yet to provide the certification of the movie Padmavati.

The bench comprising of Chief justice Dipak Mishra, justice A.M. Khanwilkar, and D.Y Chandrachud said that the film has followed enough guidelines for the censor board to grant certification before its release. They further requested a stay order on the release of Padmavati, until and unless the historical errors are corrected by the director.

"The whole country, not just the Rajput community, is standing against it. He needs to be severely punished by being tried for treason for his attempt to distort history so that in future any filmmaker is wary of this kind of projects," Arun Gupta, a member of BJP and CBFC wrote in a letter. He also added that the movie portrays Rani Padmini in a wrong manner. He appealed to CBFC not to pass certification to the movie. Bhansali has been accused of treason by many BJP leaders as well.

CBFC chairperson Parsoon Joshi said that an individual point of view does not change the collective view of an organization.

Bhansali in a video announced that there will be no dream sequence between Rani Padmini and Alauddin Khilji in the movie. Padmavati is scheduled to release on December 1. The movie has been facing many hurdles. Political parties from various states and certain Rajput communities desperately want to ban the movie starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor, as they feel Bhansali's movie might hurt the sentiments of the Rajput communities.