'Supernatural' star Jared Padalecki gets arrested for assault and public intoxication

The actor got immensely physical with the staff of an Austin lounge and had to be removed from the premises by the cops

Jared Padalecki
Instagram/ Jared Padalecki

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has reportedly been arrested. The actor was taken into custody by the police early morning on Sunday outside of his regular watering hole called the Stereotype lounge, located in Austin, Texas.

As per reports, the actor has been charged with two counts of assault and one count of public intoxication after he allegedly struck a bartender at the venue as well as the lounge's general manager in a supposed brawl.

TMZ managed to capture a video of the actor engaging in a fight as the short clip featured Padalecki seemingly putting someone in a headlock outside of Stereotype. The video footage also shows the actor, who plays Sam Winchester opposite Jensen Ackles on Supernatural, speaking to the police later on.

According to eyewitnesses, the actor allegedly stuck a bartender within the lounge's premises, and when one of his friends tried to calm him down by taking him outside, Padalecki put the guy in an aggressive headlock after a standoff.

Eyewitness accounts also state that the actor got aggressive with the lounge's general manager, and that is when cops had to be involved. Although he was restrained by the police, it did not stop Padalecki from pulling out a wad of cash and flashing it before the officers.

The 37-year-old star is a frequent visitor of the Austin Lounge, and had even posted about the '90s-themed club in honor of its grand opening in September 2018. "Who's coming with me?!?! I hope to see y'all there on Thursday :). I'll buy you a cassette tape! #StereoType #GrandOpening #WooHoo!" he wrote at the time.

It is being reported that the actor's bond is set at $15,000, and it is still not clear whether he has been bailed out or not.