Super Dog failed to save master from fatal shot second time, cried all night

Dog and owner
Dog and owner (Representational picture) Reuters

When it comes to a relationship between a dog and its owner, then the list is too long to cut it short. Many times, dogs have saved their owners' lives and a dog named Chata has made it to the list but failed to protect his owner for the second time.

Jimmy Martinez, a resident of Oakland and a mechanic was shot by a customer after an argument at around 9:30 pm, December 22, Friday in front of his RV. The van was parked in the corner of 85th Avenue and Enterprise Way in East Oakland.

According to CBS, local residents who live nearby the RV had explained the crime scene to local police and the investigation is under process to find out clues to catch the culprit.

It was the second time when Jimmy faced another life-threatening situation. Earlier on December 4, a truck driver shot him in the hand but his loyal friend Chata saved his life by attacking that person.

However, it is hard to confirm that if both shootings incidents are related as recounted by local investigators.

On the other hand, eyewitnesses said that on Friday night a customer was arguing with Jimmy regarding a bad repairing and asked to refund.

The neighbours who heard the gunshots, said, "His dog is a super dog, wonder hero. The dog was locked in the house, couldn't get out to help."

After the incident, Chata is staying with Jimmy's sister Diane and she said that the dog was crying all night.

The unconditional love between an owner and a dog creates a bonding between both of them. Like Chata, there are other dogs who protected their owners from danger. Here is the list of some heart-melting rescue stories, which made some ordinary dogs extraordinary.

  • A 12-year-old Shih-Tzu dog, named Babu saved her 83-year-old owner before the tsunami.
  • Another 12-year-old Pit Bull named Kilo, was shot during a home invasion robbery. Despite that, he ran after the thief and took a bullet to the head to save his owner.
  • Judith Shaw, a dog owner became senseless after having extreme pains in her chest and back. He trained his dog, Louie, to use panic button. During that emergency time, Louie called for assistance and howled into the intercom.
  • During the 9/11 attack a dog named Bretagne, who was only 2-year-old that time, went with her handler to Ground Zero to help in search of victims.
  • During the Hurricane Katrina, a black Labrador became a hero after saving a man's life who was about to drown. She grabbed the man and took him to a safe location.