Sungmin will not be joining Super Junior's comeback in October

Fans said Sungmin disrespected fans and vowed to boycott all his activities

Fans said Sungmin disrespected fans and vowed to boycott all his activities Sungmin/Instagram

Sungmin will not be joining Super Junior when they will make their comeback in October. It was previously reported that fans of the boy band announced that they would be boycotting all of the 31-year-old singer's activities as a celebrity.

An official statement from Super Junior's agency SJ Label stated: "Label SJ will respect Sungmin's decision to not take part IN Super Junior's upcoming album. Super Junior are a group created with member flexibility in mind, and they've received a lot of love due to their new and different units of groups. Currently, Super Junior are preparing with the goal to release their comeback album this October, and the company is doing its best for Super Junior to have more developed promotions than previously. Though Sungmin won't be joining the album promotions, Label SJ will support him in all other ways."

"Thank you to everyone who've given Super Junior love for so long, and we ask for your interest and support of Super Junior in the future. Thank you," the label added.

Adding on, Sungmin took to social media to share his thoughts with fans. He stated: "Hello, this is Sungmin. I'm writing to you all for the first time in a while because of various situations. Firstly, I'd like to apologize for causing worry to so many fans. There has been a lot of negative talk about me recently, but it was a situation I couldn't act alone on. I'm sorry for the late response."

"When I look back on when I was preparing for marriage, I don't think I was considerate or truthful to the fans who've loved me for over 10 years now. I think I should've communicated more with my fans, who were hurt due to rumors and misunderstandings."

"When I was in serving in the army, I always looked forward to promoting with Super Junior once again. However, I really want the next album to do well, so I decided to withdraw from their promotions. As a Super Junior member, I want my group to receive love for a long time. In light of ongoing controversies, I feel my decision to step away for this album is the best for the group.
I feel very sorry to the fans who've loved and supported me, but I think I need to work harder and have more time to reflect on myself. I ask ELF to support Super Junior's comeback," the note read.