Summer Takeover with CMILL444, 2021 is surely his year


Are you tired of all the violent music videos over social media and on YouTube? Get ready for some amazing summer vibes because CMILL444 is going to catch your attention and won't let go until you jam to each single he puts out! Check out his previous work including "High Off Life". We bet you'll be completely hooked.

CMILL444 classified as an artist first, free-styling his way through music and creating songs that bring about a positive wave all around. His next single is going to be out on June 25th and you might want to remain updated with his video which will be released on his official website. But, are you wondering about the name? That is a common question that keeps coming up. The 444 is significant for a number of reasons. Motivation and positive vibes 444ever! 2021 has already started on a sad note because the pandemic is not over yet, but summer will be here soon. You might want to enjoy this summer, since last-summer has already been spoiled. Guess whose songs you will be jamming to all through the summer season? That's right, it's CMILL444.

This young artist from Michigan is mainly known for his rockstar music. His music is rather innovative and if you want to experience something new, then this artist is probably the right choice. Although he does not identify himself as a rapper, he has been inspired by Lil Wayne, Day Glow, and Juice WRLD. He respects and loves all kinds of genres, but also puts forward the fact that he has a particular unique flow to his music. This is probably because he has never written a lyric down and allows himself to go along with the flow. His previous album that was released last October is very popular and continues to be a hot topic.

CMILL444 has a broad target audience. Most of the artists these days are genre oriented; however, this particular artist makes music for those who are willing to understand, relate and comprehend the true meaning behind his words. Let's admit it, the older generation is pretty hard to impress, yet CMILL still finds a way to capture both the younger and older demographics.

Growing up in Michigan, he wanted to be a star. But winning a number of International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) awards in New York was certainly not enough, he wants to see himself charting on billboards, and is not going to rest until the dream comes true. Like the kind of music that he makes? Make sure to visit his YouTube channel, like, comment, share and subscribe. We bet you want this artist to grow and when he does, you get to say "started from the bottom - now we are here!"