Students with Special Needs Photographed Nude in Restroom at New York High School; Parents Mull Legal Action

The parents of students with special needs at Fox Lane High School, New York, who were photographed nude while using restroom, are considering to file a lawsuit against the Bedford Central School District.

Some students at Fox Lane High School had taken nude photographs of boys with special needs in the bathroom this year in May and had shared the same on social media. The incident had created a tumult on social media as the followers from every faction of the society had widely criticized the incident, demanding a strict action against the guilty.

The parents of the affected students have pointed at the "insensitivity" of the culprits as they even went to the extent of taking selfies with the victims. Till date, no disciplinary action has been taken against the guilty students.

Fox lane High School

Is The School Administration Trying to Shield Guilty Students?

Social media followers have also reacted to the reward of $1,000 posted on various platforms so as to get information about the students who victimized the students with special needs.

The Bedford police department had stated that they had completed an investigation in the incident but the families of the victims did not want to press charges. However, a report published by Raw Story states that the lawyer representing the families of the victims has warned of a civil action against the Bedford Central School District.

A Twitter user expressed his resentment on the incident adding, "@sligoker and @KristinThornethank you for exposing the crime at Fox Lane High School. Why do they continue to protect the vermin who preyed upon these innocent special need kids."

Another Twitter user stated, "How would you punish these high school students? (Universities have rescinded offers for awful actions like this.) Students post pictures of special needs students using the bathroom at Fox Lane High School in Westchester County."

"Just awful. This has been really difficult for my family," Karen Close said... since learning a compromising photo was taken of her son, Jonathan, who has autism, and other special needs students while using the restroom at Fox Lane High School," read a tweet.