Struggles of Dadpreneur Who Built Now Entertainment: Tony M Fountain Pics up the Mic

Tony M Fountain

With more than three hundred thousand YouTube subscribers and over a hundred thousand Facebook fans Now Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing entertainment companies on the scene right now. Founded in Gordon, Georgia back in 2011 by Tony M Fountain; Now Entertainment was originally set up as a recording studio and label imprint for local hip-hop artists that later blossomed into a full-service media.

On February 9th, 2020 they released their first magazine issue with Aneesa Badshaw, a Canadian musician and model, on the front cover. The magazine featured other acts like James Worthy and more.

Aneesa Badshaw

The founder has kept a low profile in the media for the most part during the startup and growth of the company but announced a few months back that he will be releasing a book about the industry in 2021 and that some may not like it. Even more recently he posted on Twitter, " maybe I should start rapping again" with a rolling on the floor laughing emoji, possibly insinuating he may soon be releasing his own music. It seems as though the entrepreneur and journalist may be ready to get out from behind the desk and step back in the booth to shoot his shot with hip-hop.

Tony M Fountain Twitter

What most don't know is that Tony M Fountain, who's nickname is Precha, actually got the nickname from his friend Rico in middle school after a battle rap. Although Tony's helped in the marketing, writing, and producing stages for various artists he's hasn't even released any songs of his own.

The once single dad of two built his company over the course of nine years while moving from place to place because of financial problems and with little or no help from his family. There were many times where he felt like giving up, says Tony, while sleeping on the floor or in his car and walking through the snow to get food for his kids with the little bit of money he could scrape together. Because his car wasn't drivable and he made two dollars over the amount the local welfare office allowed for an individual to make and receive government assistance. Although tough at times, this helped him adapt to situations and problem solve which are now key items in his business.

Today he spends most of his time spreading positivity and trying to uplift others or sharing tips for other entrepreneurs.

Advocating for suicide prevention after the death of his cousin which he partially blamed himself for years. And spending time with his lovely new wife and his children including the couple's new daughter Hadley that they had during the pandemic lockdown. You can find him and his company on all socials @OfficialNOWEnt and @tonymfountain and visit Now Entertainment Magazine at

This article was first published on September 24, 2020