Stripper falls from a 15-foot tall pole and continues twerking with a broken jaw [VIDEO]

The video stripper from Texas who fell from a 15-foot pole and continued her routine has become a people's favorite because of her dedication

A video of a stripper from Texas falling from a 15-foot tall pole has been gaining a lot of attention on social media. The woman, Genea Sky, fell from the pole which is approximately the same height as a two-story building. The internet mocked her for her fall. She even picked herself up and started twerking despite the scary incident. The video showed her doing a stunt at the tip of the pole while the other dancer was on the floor.

Sky has made emotional remarks about the fall. She took to internet on Sunday to say that she was seriously injured from her fall despite carrying out her routine. In her Instagram post, she said that it was not a funny situation to be in. She explained that she broke her jaw and was going into surgery soon. She went on to say that it was a 'humbling experience to be alive.'

A 15-foot fall and a GoFundMe page

People have also been talking about how dedicated Sky is. After she talked about her pain, people turned around in support of the young woman who is studying to become an esthetician. Her close friend launched a GoFundMe page for people to donate money for her surgery.

Genea fell on her face and her amazing recovery didn't go noticed after all. Although she was thrown into the cruel world of the internet, people have been supporting her and sending her wishes all over her social media pages. She has been updating those who care about her situation.

Genea Sky
Genea Sky took to Instagram to let everyone know how her surgery went. Instagram/@genea_sky

She has repeatedly said during her videos that she isn't doing the videos for attention but to let everyone know how she was doing. The GoFundMe page has also caused trouble for her. In another post, she says that people have been trying to profit off her situation. People who shared the video haven't mentioned where the incident took place but several have been wondering if she will get a medical or be compensated for the incident.