Stripped of title after nude photos leak, former beauty queen moves court for prize money

Melissa Wix is the former winner of Miss Bikinis Asia Singapore 2016

Miss Universe Singapore,2017
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Melissa Wix a former winner of Miss Bikinis Asia Singapore 2016, a pageant organized by Lumiere International, said that she was supposed to receive $3,000 prize money but the organizers denied to hand over the amount.

The organizers said that her nude photos were leaked online, which was "unacceptable behaviour on her part" and that they had taken back the title from Wix, hence, denying her the prize money.

However, the 22-year-old has claimed that the organizers did not uphold the bargain and as of now, she has received $500.

According to Asia One, Wix said, "The contract between the company and I ended in April 2017. I have done my part, but the company keeps finding trouble with me. They harassed me on Facebook and through my email and even stripped me of my title."

She also filed a police complaint about the alleged harassment in November 2017, in response to which, the company had sent a lawyer notice to her in January 2018. It demanded a public apology or a six digital sum as compensation.

She said that on Tuesday, February 13 a spokesman of the company called her and asked her to remove her personal Facebook posts and if she doesn't do that, the company will pursue legal action against her.

"I did not agree to the company's demands, and I intend to report the case to the police when I return back to Singapore after Chinese New Year," she further added.

However, Chen Hui, a spokesperson for the company, denied all the allegations made by Wix and instead, accused her of defaming the company. Hui said that of the $3,000 prize, only $1,000 was in cash money which the winner gets and the remaining $2,000 forms part of the model contract with the company.

According to the rules of the company, the $1,000 cash money would be given out two times, first half immediately after the crowning ceremony and the rest at the conclusion of the subsequent pageant in a year later, in Wix's case in 2017.

"After Melissa was crowned the winner, she received $500 cash immediately. The company also informed her of the clauses and conditions, which she agreed to," Hui said.

When the company found that Wix's nude photos are leaked online, Hui said more than the beauty of a pageant winner, it is her character that matters.

"Ms Wix is not a good role model, and the company was forced to make a decision. With regard to her defaming the company, we have already reported the case to the police, and we will be pursuing legal action," said the pageant spokesperson.

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This article was first published on February 15, 2018