'Stop the Steal': Trump Protesters Clash With DC Police, Twitter Trends Blue Lives Matter

Videos posted on social media showed pro-Trump protesters scuffling with officers prompting users to trend Blue Lives Matter.

President Donald Trump's supporters clashed with police in Washington D.C., where they gathered for "Stop the Steal" rally to protest the counting of Electoral College votes. Videos posted on social media showed protesters scuffling with officers prompting users to trend Blue Lives Matter and ask the outgoing president's supporters why the police lives did not matter now.

Trump, who alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, encouraged his supporters to gather at Washington D.C. to protest the counting of Electoral College votes in a congressional meeting. Protesters, including those from Proud Boys, took to the streets overnight and chanted "F**k antifa" and "stop the steal."

Videos circulating on Twitters showed police officers using pepper spray on pro-Trump protesters. One video, uploaded by a Twitter user, showed the scuffle left a woman bloodied. Demonstrators wearing red hats were seen waving Trump campaign flags during the clash. Ahead of the protest, National Guard personnel were called to aide city police over the fear of violence.

Twitters users mocked the pro-Trump protesters asking them why the lives of police did not matter now. Blue Lives Matter began trending on the microblogging site along with videos about the clash.

"Almost as if the 'blue lives matter' stuff was never about loving police as much as just hating Black people," one Twitter user wrote.

"At the end of the day the only reason these MAGA chuds scream 'blue lives matter' and 'back the blue' is when the 'blue"' are beating up on black and brown people. Now they get a taste and they don't like it much. F**k em," a second user tweeted.

Another user said: "When the former "blue lives matter" crowd turns and attacks cops, they still get treated 10x better than BLM protesters walking down the street."

"I'm confused because I thought this was the "blue lives matter" crowd," one user tweeted.

The protests also came ahead of Georgia's two Senate runoffs. Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler one of the two runoffs in the state, according to the projections by major U.S. news networks. Democrat Jon Ossoff was narrowly ahead of Republican David Perdue in the second runoff.

In a bid to take the control of the Senate, Democrats must win both the races. However, if Republicans managed to clinch victory on the second seat, they will have veto power over Biden's political and judicial appointees and several of his legislative initiatives.