Stone Cold speaks out: 3 unheard, iconic stories Steve Austin revealed

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Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin Wikimedia Commons / Randall Chancellor from Austin, TX

Any discussion around WWE is incomplete without a mention of the iconic Stone Cold Steve Austin and his journey and career, in and out of the ring. The rivalry between Vince McMahon and Austin is perhaps widely regarded by fans as possibly the greatest of all time.

He made his way to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 and was recently seen on the Raw Reunion episode where the show ended with him drinking beer with a host of WWE legends as well as Hall of Famers.

Making an appearance on Hot Ones in one of the recent episodes, he shared a number of interesting stories from the past while he was having a great time gorging on chicken wings. We have collated a number of such stories which Austin shared during the conversation.

The beer celebration in Japan

Well, his beer celebrations have been iconic right through his career and during this chat, he revealed that he spilled a lot of beer so that he did not get wasted at the end of the bash. One of the iconic moments which immediately comes to mind is the time when he came out to the ring in a beer truck and then gave the Authority (Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and The Rock) a beer bath in what can be safely dubbed as one of the historic images of Monday Night Raw.

The tussle and confrontation with Mike Tyson

It has to be mentioned here that one of the biggest reasons why WWE was able to trump WCW was the fact that they were able to get Mike Tyson for WrestleMania 14. Having said this, Tyson and Austin had a confrontation on an episode of Raw, and then followed it once again on road to WrestleMania. This segment concluded when Tyson shoved Austin and total chaos followed soon after.

Brawl in a supermarket

Austin gave plenty of iconic moments in his career, but when he took on Booker T inside a supermarket, it was one of the greatest SmackDown moments of all time. This brawl kicked off when Booker T attacked someone he thought was Austin. However, he was mistaken and soon after, Austin emerged from behind to crack open a beer can. What follows is a comedy of errors and Austin scampers out of the scene as police sirens start blaring in the distance.

This article was first published on August 17, 2019