Stock Sharks Feeds New Investors' Appetite for Learning

Sheraz Ali and Jr. Alexander

While plenty of people want to invest and multiply their wealth, they feel that the lack of knowledge is a huge roadblock. No person in their right mind will dive into a risky investment without a solid knowledge base. This is where the innovative edtech company Stock Sharks comes in.

Created three years ago by co-founders, Stock Sharks is a platform that puts the community first and provides cutting-edge research and data. "We help newbie investors get into the material, and for those who already have some experience, we provide a shift that takes them to the next level," says Ali.

Stock Sharks is currently privately valued at $4 million. The company predicted the Overstock surge two years ago, which led to a massive level of credibility. The Stock Sharks community is incredibly diverse and comes from all across the globe, from the US and Canada to the Middle East.

"We put our community at the heart of everything we do. This is why we've created two different products that cater to all levels of expertise," shares Ali. The Premium product focuses on individual investors. This tier is perfect for those who are just starting out or have some experience under their belts and would like to know more. Then, there's the Synergy product. That one is the best fit for private equity companies, hedge funds, and those managing $50 million or less.

"We offer insights and 24/7 support to anyone. We've come to a point where if somebody in our community has a question or needs advice, they can even FaceTime me or Alexander, or anyone of our team," explains Ali.

The Stock Sharks team currently numbers eight people, all of whom come from diverse international backgrounds. The team is poised to expand as the company grows. In the last few years, Stock Sharks has seen over 65 percent of growth annually. "We attribute that to all of the referrals that keep coming in. Once our community members are satisfied, they refer their family, friends, and anybody who is interested in investing," Ali remarks.

The company is dedicated to feeding the insatiable appetite for knowledge that keeps its community thriving. They are implementing artificial intelligence into their new products so that learning can be even more efficient and specialized.

Of course, just like any business, Stock Sharks has had its struggles along the way and successfully overcome them. "To anyone who's starting out, I'd say, make sure that you choose something that you are truly passionate about and would love to work on day in and day out. That's the only true way to success," advises JR. He adds that delivering unparalleled value to the community is always the key to a growing business that sets itself apart from the competition. "Focus on quality over quantity and don't concern yourself too much with your competitors," he adds. This has been the strategy for Stock Sharks that has proved extremely effective.

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