"Still In Love "An Open Artistic Love Letter. A Song Written From The Heart By Singer-Song Writer Daniel Philip

Daniel Philip

Quite fascinating how time changes our ways of expression. From using doves and ravens to communicate with the world, or composing a heart-felt, honest letter to a person you love across vast seas, it's apparent that as our world evolves so does our way of expressing our emotions.

"Still in Love" is written and sung by Daniel Philip. A Canadian Indie artist whose sole purpose in creating music is for expression. We've sat down with the singer-songwriter to shed more light in the meaning of his very popular single on Spotify. He had no comment on what it was all about but we reckoned it's an open love letter to a person very dear to his heart as the title obviously expresses his undying adoration for this individual. Daniel Philip creates music as a way to disconnect and indulge in his thoughts and feelings. According to the young Indie Artist, his music is merely a reflection of what he was feeling at the time. So perhaps the person inspired by his song was the one who got away?

We have not gotten a precise response from the creative individual. As we delved into his creative process, Daniel Philip focuses on musical arrangements that have technical flaws that make the recording sound differently compared to the live sound being recorded, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency responses. Somewhat like a lofi song. Although that's the case, he honestly told the crew that he doesn't want to have a specific genre in his music. He doesn't want to follow the "status quo" in the music industry and he certainly doesn't want to lyp sync to his song in a music video.

"Creating music is like painting for me. I project what I feel in the moment with my art. I don't care what genre I'm in, I don't care about my sound. I care about the feeling and the place it takes me or people for a moment" - Daniel Philip

As we played his song "Still in Love", there's no doubt that it has been composed from the deepest part of his heart. An honest truth to how he felt for this certain individual. A very vulnerable moment for the songwriter. An in depth understanding of how much a person meant in his life. A very beautiful composition that's evident in this day and age. Many of us would certainly relate to it as we all have that one person in mind that simply cannot forget.

What makes "Still in Love" so different from all other love songs is its honest and pure intentions and approach. An artist succumbed in pure euphoria when creating music. A different place where he could disconnect from the world. Music is not his main source of income and with his hectic busy schedule as an entrepreneur, music is his getaway. Listen to the full track on Spotify.