Steven Dorn is the Entrepreneur's Investor

Steven Dorn

Steven Dorn is the young entrepreneur finding success by mixing modern methods with old-world charm. Like many entrepreneurs and investors his age, Dorn has a strong command of social media marketing as well as of the data & analytics universe. However, Dorn is able to distinguish himself because of his unique understanding of cultural trends, his willingness to take risks, and his influence with people who matter.

Whether he is starting a new entrepreneurial endeavor or making a new investment, Dorn puts a premium on sincere relationships. Understanding the power of one's network, Dorn's commitment to word-of-mouth marketing is a welcome change in a world overrun by data.

Due to Dorn's wide array of interests, his influence touches many industries. Dorn gets energized by the mere thought of starting a new project. As Dorn's credibility and cultural cachet have grown over the years, his ability to make strategic partnerships and take bigger risks has only increased.

Most recently, Dorn has been doubling down on film content. His film production company, Couch King Productions, produced a new docu-series, "Tiger Kingdom," in order to underscore Doc Antle's meaningful and necessary work in the tiger conservation industry as well as capitalize on the popularity of Netflix's chaotic original documentary, Tiger King. Continuing his habit of betting on his network, Dorn truly believes in Antle's message and wants to give him a chance to raise awareness for his causes as well as fight back against Joe Exotic's disgusting lies.

Dorn's docu-series oscillates between breath-taking shots of Antle's Myrtle Beach Safari's stunning grounds, their tigers, cheetahs, wolf puppies, eagles, elephants, monkeys, chimpanzees, and ligers, and serious discussions about wild-life conservation, charity work, and the gross mischaracterizations started by Exotic.

Mostly, Antle discusses his conservation and philanthropic efforts with Soraya Station located in Sumatra as well as with The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.). Antle and his team also spend a great deal of time dispelling many false statements originating from the first documentary such as false claims of maltreatment of tiger cubs at his facilities and the total number of tigers located in sanctuaries in the United States (less than 1,700 in 2017) versus to the total number of tigers located in the wild (around 3,000). The docu-series is receiving glowing reviews in People, Elite Daily, and more.

Beyond film, Dorn is intimately involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry. In fact, Dorn got his start in the music industry. Gaining experience at every turn, Dorn worked as a talent scout, manager, entrepreneur, and investor in the music industry. Eventually, Dorn would go on to start XYZ Media. XYZ Media is the music management and VC firm where Dorn famously perfected his unique and unconventional marketing style. Dorn's ability to bet on artists, nurture their talent, and leverage his network as well as his social media skills directly contributed to the company's success, which was recently featured in Forbes.

Dorn is famous in the industry for curating creative environments, underground marketing tactics, and unique partnerships. Dorn was intricately involved in discovering and developing the careers of Pink Sweat$ and Grammy-nominated Bryson Tiller.

Dorn's unconventional style, ability to make partnerships, and commitment to his artists is only more valuable now that the COVID-19 Pandemic has paused most artists' ability to tour and earn money, making their digital presence even more important. We are watching Dorn's next moves closely as he is sure to continue to innovate in these uncertain times.