Steve Bing Wrote 'Goodbye' Letters to Children Damien and Kerkorian Before Death - Report

Damien reportedly never met Bing given that the multi-millionaire had denied being his father until a DNA test proved paternity.

Multi-millionaire movie producer and philanthropist Steve Bing reportedly left a suicide note for his 18-year-old son with actress Elizabeth Hurley hours before taking his own life early last week. It has also been claimed that Bing wrote another letter to his 21-year old daughter with tennis player Lisa Bonder on that fateful night.

The revelation was made by American TV host Billy Bush on Sunday. Bing, who was worth $482 million, died by suicide last week by jumping from the 27th floor of his apartment in Los Angeles. The building's manager and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have reportedly passed on the letters to his son and daughter.

Parting Notes From a Father

Steve Bing and Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley started dating Steve Bing in early 2000 YouTube Grab

Bush revealed that Bing had written two letters addressed to his son Damien Hurley and daughter Kerkorian Bing hours before his death. "I have friends that were friends with him. Steve had depression with a capital D," Bush said, adding that he learned from a few of Bing's friends that they were shocked when they came to know that he had moved from downtown to Beverly Hills.

However, the contents of the letters are yet to be known. Also, neither Damien nor Kerkorian have spoken about the letters. Damien reportedly never met Bing given that he had initially denied being his father, till a DNA test proved his paternity. Damien was born out of a whirlwind romance between Elizabeth Hurley and Bing in 2001.

Damien, who is a successful model, could become one of the world's richest teenagers if he manages to inherit even a fraction of his father's wealth. Bing's father, Dr. Peter Bing, tried to leave out Damien and Kerkorian from a trust he had set up for his heirs last year. Both Liz and Bing joined forces to oppose Dr. Bing's plans, which were dismissed by a judge, leaving both his children in line for a share of his $480 billion funds.

Elizabeth, Damien Mourn Bing's Death

Elizabeth Hurley and Damien Hurley
Damien was born out of a whirlwind romance between Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing in 2001 YouTube Grab

Both Elizabeth and Damien are in the middle of mourning Bing's untimely death. On Saturday, Damien took to Instagram to thank his fans for their "overwhelming kindness" over the past few days following Bing's death. Also, Elizabeth took to Instagram to post a tribute to him. "I am saddened beyond belief that my ex Steve is no longer with us," she wrote adding that they had "become close again" over the past year.

Bush said that he has gleaned from Bing's close friends that one of the major reasons for him slipping into depression was that the hasty decisions he took yielded undesirable results. LAPD is still investigating the actual reasons that may have led Bing to take his own life.